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Jim Bose

OSU Professor Jim Bose conserves energy using a method from the late 1800s that harvests heat from the soil using a device called a ground-source heat pump. Bose first used the geoexchange as a solution to a job he was working on in Oklahoma City.


With the price of fossil fuels rising, Bose is dedicated to implementing the ground-source heat pump throughout the state and nation. His research shows a heat pump can cut an Oklahoman’s utility bill in half despite the increased cost of installation. The pumps also provide thousands of valuable jobs to the state through sales, manufacturing and installation of parts.


Bose received his bachelor’s degree in 1960, master’s degree in 1962, and doctorate degree in 1966, all of which were in mechanical engineering from Oklahoma State University. He is a professor, the director of Engineering Technology and the department head of Mechanical Engineering Technology. He also serves as the executive director of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association.