Young Alumni Giving

YOU are the Future of OSU

Annual support by young alumni is essential for Oklahoma State University to continue its tradition of excellence. Young Alumni – those who have graduated within the last ten years – are the hallmark of OSU's future. Your voices, your leadership, and your support will make a lasting impact at OSU for years to come. Your individual gifts working together will make a real difference for the University and our students.

Making a Difference

Did you know OSU has almost 38,000 young alumni just, like you, who graduated in the last ten years? Members of this energetic community make up almost one-fourth of all living Cowboy alumni and are making a difference all over the world. Through your work, volunteer efforts, and day-to-day actions, you're bringing life to all you learned at OSU.

No Gift is Too Small - Participation is KEY!

Your participation is essential in establishing a foundation of annual support upon which OSU can rely. A gift of any size directly supports students. Last year alone, young alumni showed their "Orange Pride" by giving more than $242,000 to Oklahoma State students, faculty and programs. Proving once in for all, it truly is a privilege and honor to be an OSU Cowboy!

Why OSU Needs Your Help!

  1. Annual gifts are used to meet the greatest and most pressing needs of the University. Fundamental needs, such as scholarships and fellowships,research support for undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty support for programs, equipment, and resources critical to our success.
  2. Annual gifts are spent in the year they are raised. They provide flexibility, enabling OSU to respond quickly to opportunities that support initiatives critical to the success of our students. Opportunities that add depth and breadth to the University experience.
  3. As almost 25% of all living alums, young alumni have an immense impact on the overall participation rate of the University. By giving whatever amount you can afford each year, and by encouraging your friends to give, your impact will be felt. You can help Oklahoma State sustain its place as a top tier Land-Grant University.

Take a moment right now to support the area of the University that means the most to you, and make your gift today!

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