Pay It Forward

In athletics or business, Mike and Robbie Holder know a win is a win.

When Mike and Robbie Holder specified their family’s gift of $1 million should be restricted to the Spears School of Business, some people were surprised—but only for a moment. Mike Holder is the vice president for Athletic Programs at OSU. “We’re all part of a team: Oklahoma State University,” he said. Drawing a parallel to T. Boone Pickens’ 2006 donation of $165 million—a gift that transformed athletics at OSU—he said: “There’s no reason that everything that we do at OSU can’t be the best.”

Branding Success, with its focus on faculty, scholarships, special programs, and facilities, accelerates a transformation that has been quietly underway for years. The Holder family is eager to shine a light on the university’s many lesser-known but powerfully successful endeavors.

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