A Quest for a Flavor

Janee Reeves wants every meal to be memorable

For Janeé Reeves, the best part about food is that it brings people together. The Oklahoma State University-Institute of Technology culinary student is passionate about food – she’ll rattle off that her favorite meal to cook is a salmon fillet, with her special sour cream mashed potatoes and sautéed asparagus, squash and red peppers. But the future chef especially loves that families and friends will bond and converse as they cook and enjoy meals.

She is also passionate about OSU, whose professors “are not ever going to accept failure from me, and they push me forward and that helps me strive to be a better person in my family, in the workplace and everywhere I am.” They are instructing on what it takes to succeed not just in the kitchen but in life. Just like Reeves’ favorite meal, that kind of success has a great flavor.”

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