The "Can-Do" Attitude is Contagious at OSU

Suzii Parsons gives her teachers-in-training the resources and confidence necessary to revolutionize education

“We can do that.” Deceptively subtle and unassuming, this might be the most important phrase you’ll hear in Oklahoma. We can, and we do.

Dr. Suzii Parsons, associate professor in the College of Education, likes to point newcomers to the Curriculum Materials Library. It’s a repository of the official and unofficial texts OSU’s teachers-in-training will turn to again and again over the years, gathered in one place. Shared. Accessible. It’s an emblem of OSU’s eyes-on-the-prize attitude: no detail stands in the way of students and their potential.

What comes of it is vital to Oklahoma’s strength, Dr. Parsons said. “When we prepare OSU students to teach, we are preparing them to change the world. One teacher can foster a learning community that creates inquisitive, critically-thinking, socially conscious human beings. That classroom is a world-changing place.”

If there’s one thing OSU students have in common, it’s a tendency to grasp the full weight of the opportunities before them. These students don’t take resources for granted. And they believe in themselves: with enough hard work, no goal is off-limits. Branding Success tells them we think so, too.

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