Deep Mysteries

Dr. Khaled Gasem wants to capture CO2 - and use it for good.

Chemical engineering professor Dr. Khaled Gasem is working to solve one energy problem — CO2 emissions — while benefitting another — natural gas supply. Dr. Gasem and his team are studying the properties of “coal seams” — strata in the earth where coal deposits are abundant. Not only do these coal seams have the capacity to absorb CO2 emissions, they release valuable methane gas in exchange for the CO2. This keeps CO2 from entering the atmosphere, where it is believed to contribute to global warming. And it carries the added benefit of supplying natural methane gas.

In the search for an environmentally sound means of extracting more energy from the earth, viability matters. It’s no small breakthrough in a field as complex and far-reaching as energy. And OSU’s longstanding and deep commitment to energy research has made it all possible. “We have collaborators in place,” said Dr. Gasem. “We have the attention of the world’s energy suppliers. We can now take this technology as far as resources will allow.”

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