The Changing World of Energy is Our Domain

As the world adapts to innovative energy sources, Beth Caniglia is demystifying the human element.

A leading global supplier of petroleum and natural gas, Oklahoma is also a major source of innovation, thanks to OSU. Let change come. We’re ready.

Associate professor Dr. Beth Caniglia studies the forces at work every time someone turns on a hot water faucet or light switch. She’s not an engineer — she’s a sociologist. “Environmental problems can’t be solved without humans being involved,” she said. “Energy usage questions cut across private property, human rights, access to land. There has to be a balance between preservation and economic growth.”

Dr. Caniglia explores the impact of energy use and behavior both in Oklahoma communities and around the world — she has served as a consultant to the NGO Steering Committee of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development. And thanks to OSU’s international web conferencing resources, she can have global conversations without ever leaving Stillwater.

Research and leadership of this caliber reflects OSU’s investments in people and ideas — and the ability to leverage what we’ve learned from managing our bountiful natural resources. Staying at the forefront suits us. Through Branding Success, donors show they agree.

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