Alumni, friends and other loyal OSU supporters may endow a scholarship for undergraduate or graduate students. Endowed scholarships provide a continued source of assistance for OSU students and create a lasting legacy for the donor.

Naming Opportunities
Group/Corporate Endowments
Funding Options
Recipient Qualifications

Naming Opportunities

Scholarship funds can be named

  • after the donor(s)
  • in honor/in memory of loved ones
  • in tribute to a special OSU faculty member or student

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Group/Corporate Endowments

Groups with a common Cowboy bond often choose to create a scholarship in honor of that connection.

  • OSU graduating classes
  • academic units
  • regional alumni groups
  • former students who share a common OSU faculty mentor

Oklahoma corporations with strong ties to the university and a desire to create a quality workforce often endow scholarships in their relevant academic discipline.

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Funding Options

Endowed scholarships require a $25,000 or more initial gift.

How can I give?

  • single gift
  • a series of gifts over the donor’s lifetime
  • combination of lifetime and deferred gifts

Scholarships will be awarded once the endowment reaches the minimum required funding level and after the funds have been invested one fiscal year. Because the principal of the endowment is never spent, such a gift represents an enduring tribute to the person honored by the fund.

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Recipient Qualifications

Donors determine the qualifications and restrictions for awarding scholarships with the assistance of the OSU Foundation.
Possible criteria for selection:

  • academic achievement
  • financial need
  • leadership capabilities or student involvement
  • field of study
  • hometown

Recipients are chosen by scholarship committees depending on the donor’s preferred restrictions.

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