Campaign People

Calming a Costly Fever
Dr. Anthony Confer's vaccines for bovine disease save the lives of young calves and save money for cattle ranchers.

Student Support Giving Opportunities


  • The Bellmon Endowment - endowment honoring the legacy of Senator Henry Bellmon to strengthen OSU’s ability to produce nationally recognized scholars such as Fulbright, Truman and Udall
  • Honors College Scholarship - awards directed toward students within the Honors College
  • President’s Distinguished Scholarship (PDS) & Distinguished Graduate Fellowship (DGF) - prestigious undergraduate & graduate awards given to students with strong academic credentials and leadership capabilities - $55,000 minimum
  • Valedictorian Scholarship - scholarship offered to Oklahoma’s top high school graduates entering OSU - $100,000 minimum


  • General Scholarship Fund - critical scholarship opportunity available to students struggling to complete their education because of financial limitations
  • OSU Opportunity Scholarship - scholarship offered to incoming students based on extreme financial need and academic achievements


  • Alumni Legacy Scholarships - scholarship given to incoming freshman who are second- or multi-generational OSU students - $125,000 minimum
  • Athletic Scholarships - athletic scholarship campaign seeking to endow a scholarship for every sporting position at OSU -$125,000 first quarter, $250,000 team, $500,000 position
  • Diversity Scholarships - scholarship to attract students from a variety of backgrounds and cultures to the OSU campus
  • Leadership Scholarships - scholarship to recognize students with outstanding leadership on campus and beyond
  • Research Scholarships - assists students interested in pursuing research studies at the undergraduate or graduate level
  • Rural Health Scholarship - scholarships providing financial assistance to veterinary or health science students planning to practice in rural Oklahoma upon graduation
  • Study Abroad Scholarships - scholarships providing OSU students an international experience before entering the global marketplace