Campaign People

Calming a Costly Fever
Dr. Anthony Confer's vaccines for bovine disease save the lives of young calves and save money for cattle ranchers.

Why OSU?

Every gift to Oklahoma State University's billion-dollar campaign accelerates learning and discovery. What's happening here is bold, surprising and vitally important. Join us at the forefront of innovation.

Innovations the world needs

We've patented a process for converting an abundant weed—switchgrass—into biofuel that returns over five times more energy than corn ethanol. We’re perfecting sensor technologies embedded in paper strips that change color in the presence of explosive compounds. Brilliant ideas can become fully realized innovations with the right people and resources. Your gift will help OSU retain world-class faculty and equip them to do groundbreaking work.

Infinite horizons

Students  who choose OSU have one thing in common: They don’t take resources for granted. They take pride in exceeding expectations. At every milestone, OSU students reach for yet another goal. You can foster excellence by supporting transformative learning opportunities and scholarships.

Unstoppable momentum

Investors in Branding Success include some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and executives. They recognize in OSU a familiar spirit of boldness, resourcefulness, and insistence on results. You can join OSU’s intrepid leaders to accelerate innovation in areas ranging from agriculture to workforce development.

Why Now?

Today, OSU is redefining and reimagining the land-grant mandates of openness, accessibility and service for the 21st century. This campaign will infuse OSU with the capital needed to fuel transformative initiatives and unleash the promise of people and ideas.

The world has changed in many ways since our inception in 1890. The challenges we face — as a state, as an united humankind — are invigorating. Our opportunities span all disciplines, departments and colleges. And they touch our everyday lives. From where we stand, the world is wide open.

And our time to act is now.

Consider the Facts

  • State funding continues to decrease, totaling only 25.3% of OSU’s annual budget. Students face not only rising tuition, but also increased costs for books, fees, room and board.
  • Average combined income (in Oklahoma) is approximately $41,000.
  • A historic number of OSU students are applying for financial aid.
  • Approximately 4,000 current OSU students are receiving no financial support from their families.
  • 83% of the OSU student population receive some type of financial assistance.
  • Average student loan debt for undergrads last year exceeded $19,000, exceeding $21,000 for nonresident undergraduates.
  • OSU students received in excess of $221 million in financial aid, grants and loans last year.
  • Federal and state aid comprised 32% of all dollars awarded.
  • Institutional aid comprised 58% of all dollars awarded.
  • Student and parent loans comprised 43% of all dollars awarded.
  • Community college’s relative lower cost has forced families to make college choices based on cost rather than value.

It is an understatement to say the needs of our students, faculty, facilities and programs are at an all-time high. Even greater – their ability to have immediate impact on our world at this moment is also at an all-time high. The common denominator: private support.

This campaign is simple and focused. Centering on significant support for four areas critical to our success, they are the driving force in achieving our transformative vision of recreating the nation’s modern-day land-grant university.

Our time is now. So is yours. Together we can brand Oklahoma State University with success.