Our Mission and Core Values


Unite donor and university passions and priorities to achieve excellence.


Become the best-performing land-grant university foundation in the country when measured by investment performance, growth in private support and operating efficiencies while maintaining outstanding donor and university relations as measured by client satisfaction.

Organizational Values

“We dare to dream big – the right results the right way.”

  • Service to OSU: Serving OSU is our primary focus. We actively seek opportunities to partner with OSU and its constituents.
  • Integrity: We maintain the highest ethical standards; demonstrating our dedication to the principles of truth and honesty.
  • Donor Centered: We embrace development and stewardship strategies that build relationships and respect the donors’ interests.
  • Excellence: We pursue exceptional performance in all our endeavors, and are committed to continuous improvement, responsiveness and outstanding customer service.
  • Stewardship of Resources: We commit to the efficient and effective use of resources and accept the responsibility of being accountable and transparent to our constituents.

Our Culture

“We exceed expectations and have fun doing it.”

  • Dignity & Respect for All People: We value diversity and treat all individuals with respect and professionalism.
  • Open Communication: We are transparent in our operations through open dialogue, active listening and information sharing. We seek first to understand and assume positive intent.
  • Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions. We make and support business decisions through experience and good judgment.
  • Teamwork: We collaborate, support each other’s efforts, trust one another and care for each other personally and professionally.
  • Appreciation: We celebrate success, recognizing and rewarding the outstanding performance of individuals and teams.
  • Personal & Professional Growth: We invest in the growth of our employees.
  • Balance: We are flexible, helping each other achieve a healthy work and life balance.
  • Fun: We look for opportunities to create fun and humor in our daily work.

400 South Monroe / P.O. Box 1749 / Stillwater, OK 74076-1749
Ph. 800.622.4678 / Fax 405.385.5102 / info@OSUgiving.com
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