President's Welcome Letter

What an incredible, transformational time it is at OSU!

We are very excited about "Branding Success, The Campaign For Oklahoma State University." This is the perfect time for you to find your passion at OSU and invest in it.

“Uniting donor and university passions and priorities to achieve excellence”

This is our mission statement. It belongs to all of the men and women who work at Oklahoma State University Foundation and to our Trustees and Governors. 

We believe when a person invests in their passion(s) and are able to see the results, it is an incredibly rewarding experience. 

What is your passion?  Science?  The Arts?  Entrepreneurship?  OSU has world-class programs in which you can invest to create impact.  Do scholarships interest you . . . helping young people achieve their potential?  We have needs and opportunities to help quality students every day.

It is my hope that we can help you find your passion at OSU in a way that creates excitement when you support the educational priorities at Oklahoma State University. This is our goal.

Welcome to the possibilities you will uncover as you invest in your passion at Oklahoma State University.

Best wishes,

Kirk A. Jewell
President and CEO

Kirk Jewell
Kirk A. Jewell
Foundation President and CEO