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Statistics and Ranking

Oklahoma State University and the Oklahoma State University Foundation partner daily to improve the stature and rank of our great institution among peer institutions. As OSU strives to become a top 75 public institution, recognized among the best in public institutions, our national rankings rely dramatically on the support of private funding needed to improve all areas of the university.

Read more about OSU’s current standings and discover the area where your gift may have the greatest impact.

Dollars Raised Annually
Investment Performance
Chairs & Professorships
Bachelor Degree Holding Alumni
OSU Grads Dominate in Oklahoma

Dollars Raised Annually

2010 - $123.9 Million
2009 - $84.6 Million
2008 - $248 Million
2007 - $85 Million
2006 - $104.7 Million
2005 - $56 Million
2004 - $36.8 Million

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Investment Performance

2010 - 8.7%
2009 - (-24.6%)
2008 - 4.7%
2007 - 16.6%
2006 - 21.7%
2005 - 14.3%
2004 - 16.1%

The investment return on the Foundation’s Pooled Investment Fund for fiscal year 2006 reported 21.7 percent, an unprecedented total among both public and private universities. Oklahoma State University's investment return rate of 14.3 percent on its endowment for fiscal year 2005 ranked the university in the top six percent of all U.S. colleges and universities (41 st out of nearly 700 institutions), according to information released by the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO). The median investment return of institutions surveyed was 9.3 percent. Read more about investments.

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2010 - $350.7 Million
2009 - $306.5 Million
2008 - $459.4 Million
2007 - $302.5 Million
2006 - $235.6 Million
2005 - $193.2 Million
2004 - $169.1 Million

The most critical need of the university in the years ahead is to build an endowment sufficient to strengthen academic programs while making the OSU experience accessible to the best and brightest young people, regardless of their financial capability. Our endowment continues to grow at a consistent rate, but OSU remains in the lower quartile among Big 12 university endowments. Read more about endowments.

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Chairs & Professorships

Not only do endowed positions increase a faculty member’s stature in their profession, but these roles establish educational strength and prestige for Oklahoma State University’s many academic departments and disciplines. They greatly enhance OSU’s ability to recruit and retain world-class educators in all academic fields. Read more about chairs & professorships.

Total Endowed Chairs - 219

Total Endowed Professorships - 175

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Bachelor Degree Holding Alumni

One of the great litmus tests of any university is the percentage of undergraduates who give back to their alma mater. No where is this more important than Oklahoma where only 21 percent the state’s adult population hold a bachelor’s degree – placing Oklahoma 41st in the nation for the number of bachelor degree holders. As OSU produces more bachelor degree holders, Oklahoma companies benefit by having a steady stream of graduates eligible to join their workforce. This also improves OSU’s U.S. News & World Report rankings.

Current bachelor degree holding alumni percentage - 17%

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OSU grads dominate in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is most definitely an orange state! Research of OSU and OU graduates residing in each Oklahoma county by The Oklahoman, Oklahoma’s largest newspaper, revealed orange spirit reigning in 68 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties. See the breakdown here.

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