How Is My Gift Spent

As a valued OSU Foundation donor, you have control over the programs or opportunities your gift supports. Whether you choose to create a scholarship, provide equipment or support athletics, how your gift is spent is entirely up to you.Typically, about 97 percent of all gifts received by the Foundation are restricted for a specific program, project, college, campus, department, etc. A gift is restricted when the donor indicates on a check, reply card or other correspondence a specific purpose for the gift. Restricted gifts are deposited into one of over 2,000 Foundation accounts, and the designation of a gift is confirmed on the donor receipt.Only about three percent of the gifts received are unrestricted donations that may be used for any appropriate OSU need. However, unrestricted gifts are extremely vital to OSU’s current and future success. Donors who recognize this need place their confidence in the Foundation and significantly impact OSU students, faculty and staff.After the OSU Foundation receives your gift, it is deposited into the appropriate account. Endowed gifts are invested one full fiscal year before disbursement, so that only income from the investments is used for the donor’s wishes. The principal is never spent and provides a continual source of financial support for OSU.Annual gifts are placed in short term investment accounts until disbursed for the donor’s designated program. The principal also applies to the desired fund and does not earn additional income.For more information about how your gift is processed and used to benefit Oklahoma State, please contact the OSU Foundation.

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