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Naming Opportunities

Over the years, many friends of Oklahoma State University have chosen to provide assistance through a contribution for a named fund or facility. A named gift opportunity sends a strong message to our students and community that an individual, business or organization has loaned their name to the university’s effort to provide quality, accessible education and training to all who can benefit from OSU’s programs and services.

The OSU Foundation offers many opportunities for loyal supporters to contribute to the success of OSU students, faculty and staff for generations to come.

Legacy gifts may be named:

  • after a donor(s)
  • in honor/in memory of loved ones 
  • in tribute to a special OSU faculty member or student
  • in celebration of an alumni group or graduating class

Gifts that secure the Foundation’s future

Endowed gifts represent a commitment to the future of Oklahoma State University. Because the principal gift is never spent, investment earnings guarantee a continued source of funding for university programs. Donors can leave a lasting legacy by naming their endowed gift after themselves or a special individual. 

While the most common endowed gifts are listed below, other naming opportunities may be available. Please contact the OSU Foundation for more information.

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Endowed Naming Opportunities

  • Book purchase fund $500
  • Library acquisitions fund $5,000
  • Undergraduate Scholarships $25,000
  • Graduate Fellowship $25,000
  • Faculty support fund $25,000
  • Endowment fund $25,000
  • President’s Distinguished Scholarship $55,000
  • Distinguished Graduate Fellowship $55,000
  • Professorship $500,000
  • Chair $1 million
  • Deanship $5 million
  • Distinguished chair $2 million
  • Named Department of Division *
  • Named School or College *
  • Named Building *

    * Consultation Required

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These represent minimum gift amounts. Some programs may require additional funding. Please contact the OSU Foundation for more information. 

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