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Are there unique advantages of giving to Oklahoma State University?

Donors find many advantages in working with the OSU Foundation to support higher education at OSU, including:

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How can I afford to help the OSU Foundation?

The size of the gift you make is entirely up to you. Donations of all sizes are vital and gratefully accepted. Every dollar the university receives has the potential for exponential growth, since it helps OSU improve its most valuable resources — instruction, research, and extension — for the benefit statewide communities. Some donors find they can achieve their charitable goals through the Foundation’s many planned giving avenues, such as life insurance, property, real estate and securities, that don't require a large sum of cash-on-hand. Pledges may also help achieve your goals as a donor. Bear in mind that you may be able to double or even triple your gift by taking advantage of your employer's matching gift for higher education program.

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Will my company match my gift to the OSU Foundation?

Many companies offer employees — and sometimes spouses and retirees — a matching-gift benefit that doubles or triples their donations to higher education. Companies have various methods by which you can submit your matching-gift request: online forms, automated phone systems or paper forms that you submit to the OSU Foundation. Please visit your human resources office to learn more about matching-gift donations or contact the OSU Foundation for more information about matching gift companies and see if your gift qualifies. To view a complete list of corporations participating in a matching-gift program, click here.

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What is an endowment?

Donors may establish an endowment fund to ensure a gift’s long-lasting impact for OSU, since only the income earned from investments may be disbursed. Since an endowment's principal is never spent, your gift continues in perpetuity. Oklahoma State University Foundation’s endowment funds are professionally invested and managed by the Foundation's Finance and Investment Committee. Each spring, the Committee meets to review the endowment management results and policies to determine the amount of money to be disbursed to each of the endowed academic and athletic scholarships and programs maintained by the OSU Foundation. Please visit the Endowments page for more information about gift opportunities.

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Can I give to my favorite department or program?

Absolutely! The designation of your gift rests entirely in your hands. If you know the name of the department or program, simply indicate it in the memo space on your check or in the comments section of the online giving page. The OSU Foundation gift processing staff will ensure your contribution reaches the proper area. If you need guidance in designating a gift, our staff and development officers are happy to provide information about OSU’s greatest needs at a university level and for each college or department.

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Can I make a gift for buildings or facilities?

Many buildings and facilities, such as labs, libraries and lecture halls on campus are created from private donations. Our staff or the development officer for a particular area can direct you toward any current building or maintenance projects that need additional support. Another great way to improve campus facilities is to make a contribution to a department or college for equipment or supplies needed in that discipline, whether it is lab or instructional equipment.

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Can I make a pledge of support?

Yes; gift pledges to Oklahoma State University can be paid in monthly, quarterly or even annual installments and involve an initial payment. You can pledge online or contact our gift processing department to setup a pledge payment.

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What if I want my gift to be anonymous?

The OSU Foundation enjoys the opportunity to publicize donor gifts in an effort to recognize donor generosity. This good news lets others know about the increasing importance of supporting higher education at state universities. Publicity could include press releases, articles in state newspapers, feature stories in university or Foundation publications or recognition in Foundation brochures. However, the OSU Foundation respects your desire for anonymity to the full extent allowed under Oklahoma’s Public Records Act. At the time of your donation, please indicate that you do not wish your name to appear in any form of publicity.

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Can I make a gift in honor or memory of someone?

Absolutely. Many donors contribute funds to honor a loved one or special individual. If you would like to make your gift in honor or memory of another person — or if you wish to give in another's name – just let us know the details. If a gift is made in memory of someone who has passed away, the Foundation will notify their family of any gifts made in tribute. If a gift is made in honor of someone’s life or career, they will be notified of any gifts unless the donor requests anonymity. The OSU Foundation staff is happy to carry out your wishes. Read more about honoring a loved one.

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What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted gifts?

Unrestricted gifts provide a funding source for OSU that is not limited to specific program, college or department. These gifts are used where needed most throughout the institution, including resources to recruit top faculty, create scholarship programs and internship opportunities and enhance the overall academic life of the campus.  On the other hand, restricted gifts are earmarked for specific purposes chosen by the donor, such as an endowed scholarship or professorship, program or building. Although both unrestricted and restricted gifts are welcome, unrestricted gifts are of critical importance because they allow the university to provide funding in the areas of greatest need to meet unexpected challenges, take advantage of unique opportunities and meet the many day-to-day challenges of current higher education.

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How should I make out my check?

Gifts to Oklahoma State University may be made through the Oklahoma State University Foundation, the 501(c)(3) non-profit, public-benefit corporation, that raises and manages private support for Oklahoma State University. Checks should be made out to the "Oklahoma State University Foundation" and indicate the fund name, department or purpose for which they're intended in the memo section. You can mail these to PO Box 1749, Stillwater, OK 74076-1749.

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I’m uncomfortable giving online. Is it really safe?

We know a majority of our visitors and donors have reservations about entering their credit card information on our site. They are wary of websites and online businesses that aren't what they claim to be, and worried that their personal and financial information might fall into the wrong hands. That’s why the OSU Foundation uses a Turbo SSL Certificate to protect our online donation page.  

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts information that is sent to the server using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

A certificate serves as an electronic "passport" that establishes an online entity’s credentials when doing business on the Web. When an Internet user attempts to send confidential information to a Web server, the user’s browser accesses the server’s digital certificate and establishes a secure connection.

How can I tell if the page I’m on is SSL Certificate Protected?

An "https://" prefix in the URL and a key or padlock icon in the browser's status bar indicate that a website is secure.

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Are all gifts tax-deductible?

Gifts to the Oklahoma State University Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax attorney or financial advisor to determine if your gift is tax-deductible.

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How do I get tax credit for my charitable deduction?

As soon as the OSU Foundation receives your gift, we place it in the designated fund. At the same time, the gift processing staff generates a gift receipt mailed to you for tax preparations generally within the same week. If you do not receive a formal acknowledgement within three weeks, please contact the gift processing office at 1-800-622-4678. Please consult your tax attorney or financial advisor to determine instructions and proper tax credits available for your gift.

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Can I receive a tax deduction for equipment or supplies I give to the university?

Yes; if you donate equipment and/or supplies, which are referred to as gifts-in-kind, you will receive a contribution receipt for items given and recognition of value for gifts that have been properly documented. Donors must submit documentation through a receipt, invoice or other appraisal instrument at the time the gift-in-kind occurs in order to establish a value for the donated items.

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Is there someone with whom I can discuss my interest in giving to the OSU Foundation?

The staff of the Oklahoma State University Foundation is knowledgeable, discreet and happy to assist you in any way possible. In addition, many OSU colleges, schools and departments have development officers who work closely with donors to unite donors and university passions and priorities to achieve excellence. Please contact a development officer in your area of interest for more information about giving opportunities, or call the OSU Foundation’s main office at 800.622.4678.

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