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Calming a Costly Fever
Dr. Anthony Confer's vaccines for bovine disease save the lives of young calves and save money for cattle ranchers.

Corporations & Foundations

Many of OSU’s most loyal supporters are corporations and foundations who invest in the university to create a greater educated workforce.

Organizations throughout the state and nation often choose to establish scholarships, professorships and other educational opportunities in their field of interest. Whether they are contributing to an industry-related academic discipline or simply giving back to their employees’ alma mater, corporations and foundations have a significant impact on Oklahoma State University.

Strong corporate support is vital to the future of OSU and Oklahoma’s workforce. These partnerships prepare OSU students to make meaningful contributions to society. Corporations and foundations may choose to support OSU in many of the same ways individuals do. Scholarships, professorships, research funding, facilities, community outreach and countless other avenues exist to influence tomorrow’s community leaders.

For more information about corporate support at OSU, please contact Lisa Capone, Associate Vice President, Corporate and Foundation Relations, at 405.385.5663 or by email, or Stacey Smith, Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, at 405.385.0719 or by email.