Chair and Professorships

Endowed faculty positions at OSU attract outstanding faculty with national and international recognition for quality teaching and research. In addition, the added expertise of these reputable educators provides the leadership to benefit and serve other faculty, students, and the region. Faculty members who hold prestigious chairs and professorships are considered experts in their field and are highly regarded in the academic world.

Not only do endowed positions increase a faculty member’s stature in their profession, but these roles establish educational strength and prestige for Oklahoma State University’s many academic departments and disciplines. They greatly enhance OSU’s ability to recruit and retain world-class educators in all academic fields.

Funding Options
Naming Opportunities
You Can Make A Difference
Chair and Professorship Profiles

Funding Options

Donors who wish to endow a faculty position may select from these options:

  • Deanship – an endowed dean’s position can be established at the $5 million minimum.
  • Distinguished Chair – an endowed faculty position awarded to a distinguished lecturing or research faculty established at the $1 million minimum.
  • Chair - an honor bestowed to elite faculty members by the university established at the $500,000 minimum.
  • Professorship - a named professorship recognizing distinguished faculty established at the $250,000 minimum.
  • Lectureship - held by a faculty member who has demonstrated exceptional teaching skills and insightful knowledge of a particular subject matter established at the $100,000 minimum.

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Naming Opportunities

Chairs and professorships may be named after a donor, a special loved one or a memorable educator. Naming a faculty position ensures the person’s legacy will inspire many generations of Cowboys, linking their name with a distinguished line of educators and researchers.

Since only the investment earnings are spent, an endowed chair or professorship guarantees OSU’s perpetual academic strength and excellence. For more information about funding an endowment to benefit Oklahoma State University, please visit the endowments page.

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YOU make the difference

For more information about establishing an endowed faculty chair or professorship in the academic area of your choice, please contact the OSU Foundation.

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Complete Chair & Professorship List

AT&T Professorship in Mathematics A&S
Boone Pickens Chair in Geophysics A&S
Burns and Ann Hargis Endowed Professorship A&S
Chesapeake Energy Chair in Petroleum Geoscience A&S
Dean Stringer Endowed Chair in Political Science A&S
Devon Energy Chair for Basin Research A&S
Donald Reynolds Centennial Professorship A&S
Doug & Nickie Burns Professorship  A&S
Fae Rawdon Norris Professorship A&S
Fire Emergency Management Program (FEMP) Endowed Chair A&S
Grayce B. Kerr Chair  A&S
Hannah D. Atkins Professorship  A&S
Harold V. & Mary Lou Sare Chair in Constitutionalism & Pub A&S
Harrison I. Bartlett Chair A&S
Harry Heath-Tulsa Tribune Foundation Professorship  A&S
Houston-Truax-Wentz Professorship  A&S
John M. "Chip" Fudge Chair in Philosophy A&S
Laurence L & Georgia Ina Dresser Professorship A&S
Mary Lou Lemon Professorship  A&S
Masonic Chair in Gender Studies A&S
Noble Foundation Professorship in Technology Enhanced Learning A&S
Noble Foundation Chair in Laser Research A&S
Peggy Layman Welch Chair  A&S
Sun Company Clyde Wheeler Chair  A&S
V. Brown Monnett Chair  A&S
Vaughn "Trey" O. Vennerberg, III Chair A&S
Vaughn Foundation Professorship A&S
Vennerberg Professorship in Developmental Disabilities in Psychology A&S
Vennerberg Professorship in Art A&S
Welch/Bridgewater Chair A&S
Albert H. Nelson, Jr. Endowed Chair in Engineering CEAT
Amoco Chair in Chemical Engineering CEAT
Anadarko Petroleum Corp Chair in Chemical Engineering CEAT
AT&T Professorship in Engineering CEAT
Bartlett Chair in Chemical Engineering CEAT
Calvin and Marilyn Vogt Professorship in CEAT CEAT
Carl G. & Gladys L. Herrington Chair in Advanced Materials CEAT
Carroll M. Leonard Professorship CEAT
Centennial Professorship in Architecture & Architectural Engineering CEAT
Centennial Professorship in Engineering - A CEAT
Center for Innovation & Economic Development Chair in Sensor Technology CEAT
Construction Management Advisory Board Chair CEAT
Continental Resources Chair in Petroleum Engineering CEAT
Dale F. Jones Professorship in Fire Protection and Safety Technology CEAT
Donald and Cathey Humphreys Chair in the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology  CEAT
Donald and Cathey Humphreys Chair in Industrial Engineering and Management  CEAT
Dr. Garold D. Oberlender Professorship in College Civil/Environmental Engineering CEAT
Edward Joullian Endowed Chair in Engineering CEAT
Gorman Gilbert, Bert Cooper and W&W Steel Chair in Civil and Environmental Engineering  CEAT
Halliburton Professorship in Engineering CEAT
Harold Courson Chair in Petroleum Engineering CEAT
Henry & Shirley Bellmon Chair in Optoelectronic Systems CEAT
Jim & Lynne Williams Professorship in Energy Technologies  CEAT
John Brammer Endowed Professorship in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering  CEAT
John Hendrix Chair in Engineering CEAT
John L. Bryan Professorship CEAT
L. Andrew Maciula Teaching Professorship in Engineering CEAT
Lew & Myra Ward Chair in Petroleum Engineering CEAT
M.R. Lohmann Professorship CEAT
Noble Foundation Chair in Web Handling CEAT
OGE Energy Technology Chair CEAT
OSU Construction Management Technology Alumni Endowed Professorship CEAT
Pat D. Brock Professorship in Fire Protection and Safety Technology CEAT
Public Service Company of Oklahoma/Albrecht Naeter Endowment  CEAT
Ray & Linda Booker Professorship in Aerospace Engineering CEAT
Robert N. Maddox Professorship in Chemical Engineering CEAT
Samson Investment Co. Chair in Petroleum Engineering CEAT
Simplex Professorship of Fire Protection CEAT
Tom J. Cunningham Chair in Mechanical Engineering CEAT
Williams Foundation Professorship in Civil Engineering CEAT
Wilson Bentley Professorship in Industrial Engineering & Management CEAT
Susan & A.J. Jacques Professorship in Special Education COE
Alice Phillips Professorship COE
Audrey E. Oaks Professorship COE
Chris Cashel Endowed Professor of Leisure Studies COE
Chuck and Kim Watson Chair in Education COE
C. E. Page Foundation Chair COE
Anderson, Farris, & Halligan Endowed Professorship in College Student Development COE
Elizabeth Jacques Munroe Professorship in Reading and Literacy Education COE
Tuttle Endowed Chair in Occupational Education in STCL COE
Morsani Endowed Chair in Science Education in STCL COE
Hyle Family Professorship COE
John & Donnie Brock Professorship in Educational Leadership and Policy COE
Laurence L & Georgia Ina Dresser Professorship COE
Seretean Professorship in Wellness COE
Roger Hardesty Chair in Aviation Science COE
Stella V. Andersen Professorship COE
Virgil Prichard Professorship COE
Don & Jane Kellogg Family Educational Tech Professorship COE
Jennifer Jacques Flanery Community Counseling Professorship COE
Joan Donelson Jacques Health Promotion Professorship COE
Myron C Ledbetter & Bob Lemon Counseling Psychology Diversity Professorship COE
Williams Chair in Higher Education COE
4-H Centennial Professorship DASNR
A.J. & Susan Jacques Chair in Agricultural Economics DASNR
Advance Food Company/S.E. Gilliand Professorship in Microbial Food Safety DASNR
Animal Science Graduates of Distinction Professorship DASNR
Arthur L. Reed Chair DASNR
Barry Pollard, M.D./P&K Equipment Inc. Professorship in Agri-Business DASNR
Bill Fitzwater Cooperative Endowed Chair DASNR
Bollenbach Chair in Wildlife Management DASNR
Charles & Linda Shackelford Professorship in Horticulture DASNR
Charles B. Browning End Professorship in Food Science DASNR
Charles Breedlove Professorship in Agribusiness DASNR
Clem McSpadden Chair in Agricultural Youth Leadership DASNR
Dennis and Marta White Endowed Chair in Animal Science DASNR
Dillon and Lois Hodges Professorship in Plant and Soil Sciences DASNR
Dr. Robert "Bob" Totusek Endowed Chair  DASNR
Endowed Professorship of Structural and Urban Entomology DASNR
Endowed Professorship in Host Plant Resistance DASNR
Equine Sciences Professorship DASNR
George Chiga Animal Science Endowed Professorship DASNR
Howard M. & Adene R. Harrington Chair in Animal Science DASNR
Jess L. & Miriam B. Stevens Endowed Chair in Agricultural Biotechnology DASNR
John D. Groendyke Wildlife Chair DASNR
Meibergen Family Professorship in Plant Breeding DASNR
Mel and Mary Jones Professorship in Agronomic Science DASNR
Neustadt Chair in Agricultural Economics DASNR
Nutrients for Life Foundation Professorship of Soil & Food Crop Nutrition DASNR
Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Professorship DASNR
Oklahoma Farm Credit Professorship in Agricultural Economics DASNR
Orville L. & Helen L. Buchanan Chair in Bio & Ag Engineering DASNR
P.E. Harrill Professorship in Crop Science DASNR
Rainbolt Chair of Agricultural Finance DASNR
Ralph F. and Leila W. Boulware Endowment DASNR
Robert J. Sirney Memorial Professorship in Agricultural Biochemistry DASNR
Roger Howell Memorial Professorship in Agricultural Education DASNR
Sarkeys Distinguished Professorship in Agriculture DASNR
Sarkeys Distinguished Professorship in Agriculture DASNR
Sarkeys Distinguished Professorshp in Agriculture DASNR
Sitlington Endowed Chair in Agriculture DASNR
Temple Grandin Professorship/Animal Behavior & Well Being DASNR
The Hitch Family Professorship in Ruminant Feedlot Nutrition DASNR
Thomas E. Berry Professorship in Water Research & Management DASNR
Virgil & Marge Jurgensmeyer Research Professorship/Product Development DASNR
Walter Sitlington Chair in Agriculture DASNR
Santelmann/Warth Distinguished Professorship in Agronomy DASNR
Wayne W. & Jean Huffine Professorship in Turf Grass Science DASNR
Wheat Genetics Chair in Agriculture DASNR
Willard Sparks Endowed Chair in Agriculture DASNR
Claud D. Kniffin Professorship of Library Service & Education General University
Clerico Family Chair for Library Excellence General University
Don & Cathey Humphreys Chair in International Studies-A General University
Don & Cathey Humphreys Chair in International Studies-B General University
Don & Cathey Humphreys Chair in International Studies-C General University
Don & Cathey Humphreys Chair in International Studies-D General University
Don & Cathey Humphreys Chair in International Studies-E General University
Don & Cathey Humphreys Chair in International Studies-F General University
Doris Neustadt Professorship of Library Service General University
Lawrence L. Boger Professorships International Studies General University
Madeleine Pickens Chair A General University
Madeleine Pickens Chair B General University
Madeleine Pickens Chair C General University
Madeleine Pickens Chair D General University
Madeleine Pickens Chair E General University
Puterbaugh Professorship for Library Services General University
Sitlington Chair in Infectious Diseases General University
Sitlington Professorship in Agricultural Biotechnology General University
Spence Wellness Professorship General University
W.P. Wood Professorship for Library Service General University
Walter R. Sitlington Chair in Veterinary Medicine II General University
Wes & Lou Watkins Endowed Chair in International Trade & Development General University
Bryan B. Close Endowed Professorship Human Sciences
Bryan Close Professorship in Adulthood & Aging Human Sciences
Charles W. Lanphere Professorship in Hotel & Restaurant Administration Human Sciences
Chris Salmon Endowed Professorship in Interior Design Human Sciences
Endowed Professorship in Parenting Human Sciences
Jim & Lynne Williams Professorship in Nutritional Sciences Human Sciences
John and Sue Taylor Human Environmental Sciences Professorship Human Sciences
Marilynn Thoma Chair In Human Environmental Sciences Human Sciences
Oklahoma Restaurant Association William E. Davis Distinguished Chair Human Sciences
AT&T Professorship in Telemedicine OSU-CHS
George Kaiser Family Foundation Chair C OSU-CHS OSU-CHS
George Kaiser Family Foundation Chair D OSU-CHS OSU-CHS
George Kaiser Family Foundation Chair of Medical Excellence & Service OSU-CHS
George Kaiser Family Foundation Chair of Obstetrics & Gynecology OSU-CHS
Integris Bass Baptist Health Center Endowed Professor of Family Medicine Programs  OSU-CHS
Laurence L & Georgia I Dresser Chair in Rural Health OSU-CHS
Laurence L & Georgia I Dresser Chair in Rural Medicine OSU-CHS
Northwest Oklahoma Osteopathic Foundation Endowed Professor of Primary Care  OSU-CHS
OSU-COM Alumni Association Professorship in Rural Medicine OSU-CHS
Paul Peter Koro Endowed Chair in Surgery OSU-CHS
Saint Francis Health System Endowed Chair in Pediatrics OSU-CHS
Stillwater National Bank & Trust Company Professorship in Masters of Healthcare Administration OSU-CHS
Tahlequah Hospital Foundation Endowed Professor of Rural Graduate Medical Education OSU-CHS
OSU-OKC Endowed Chairs and Professorships OSU-OKC
First National/Citizens Security Professorship OSU-Okmulgee
George Kaiser Family Foundation Chair OSUIT OSU-Okmulgee
C.F. Colcord Chair OSU-Tulsa
Gary L. Trennepohl Endowed Chair in Finance OSU-Tulsa
George Kaiser Family Fdn End Chair in Family Resilience OSU-Tulsa
George Kaiser Family Foundation Endowed Chair in Ethical Leadership OSU-Tulsa
George Kaiser Family Foundation Chair C OSU-Tulsa OSU-Tulsa
George Kaiser Family Foundation Chair D OSU-Tulsa OSU-Tulsa
The Helmerich Chair OSU-Tulsa
The Varnadow Chair OSU-Tulsa
Williams Chair in Energy Technology at OSU-Tulsa OSU-Tulsa
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Chair in Accounting SSB
Ardmore Chair in Business Administration SSB
Arthur Andersen & Company Alumni Centennial Professorship SSB
Arthur Andersen Professorship in Accounting SSB
Carson Priority Excellence Chair in Business Administration SSB
CBA Associates Chair SSB
Chuck & Kim Watson Chair in Business SSB
ConocoPhillips Chair in Technology Management SSB
Daniel White Jordan Chair  SSB
Don R. Brattain Professorship SSB
Ed Keller Endowed Professorship in Finance SSB
Entrepreneurship Chair #1 SSB
Entrepreneurship Chair #2 SSB
Fleming Companies, Inc. Professorship in Technology  Management SSB
Glenn M. Stinchcomb Family Professorship SSB
Greg Massey Professorship in Finance SSB
Jay & Fayenelle Helm Professorship in Business SSB
Jeanine Rhea /Oklahoma International Women's Forum Professorship SSB
Joe Synar Chair SSB
Johnny D. Pope Chair in Entrepreneurship SSB
Judy Freeman Johnson Professorship in Accounting SSB
Lanny G. Chasteen Chair in Accounting SSB
Mike & Robbie Holder Chair in Entrepreneurship SSB
N. Malone Mitchell, Jr. Chair in Entrepreneurship SSB
Noble Foundation Chair in Marketing Strategy SSB
Norman & Suzanne Myers Endowed Chair for Excellence in Business SSB
Norman C. Stevenson Chair in Entrepreneurship SSB
O.G.& E. Chair in Regional Economic Analysis SSB
Oklahoma Bankers Association Chair of Commercial Bank Management SSB
ONEOK Chair in Finance SSB
Oscar S. Gellein/Deloitte & Touche Centennial Professorship SSB
Patrick B. Dorr Professorship in Accounting SSB
Patterson Foundation Chair in Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship SSB
Paul C. Wise Chair for Excellence in Finance SSB
Professor Fran D. Jabara Chair in Business SSB
Puterbaugh Foundation Chair SSB
Puterbaugh Legal Studies and Ethics in Business Professorship SSB
Ralph A. and Peggy A. Brenneman Professorship SSB
Raymond A. Young Foundation Chair SSB
Richard W. Poole Professorship for Excellence SSB
Tom and Edna Mae Carson Centennial Professorship SSB
W. Haskell Cudd Professorship  SSB
W. Paul Miller Professorship in Business Administration SSB
Watson Chair in SSB SSB
Watson Family Chair in Financial Risk Management  SSB
William S Spears Chair in Business Administration SSB
William S. Spears Chair in Administration and Academic Leadership SSB
William S. Spears Chair in Business Administratin III SSB
William S. Spears Chair in Business Administration II SSB
William S. Spears Chair in Business Administration IV SSB
Williams Companies Professorships in Business SSB
Wilton T. Anderson Chair in Accounting SSB
Wilton T. Anderson Professorship in Accounting SSB
Clinical Professorship in Biomedical Laser Surgery Vet Med
Cohn Family Chair for Small Animals Vet Med
Dr. Jack Bostwick Clinical Chair in Food Animal Medicine Vet Med
Equine Reproduction Endowed Professorship Vet Med
Henthorne Clinical Professorship in Small Animal Medicine Vet Med
Joan Kirkpatrick Chair in Small Animal Internal Medicine  Vet Med
Kerr Foundation Endowed Chair Vet Med
Krull/Ewing Professorship Vet Med
McCasland Foundation Professorship in Vet Med Vet Med
Mildred Lundberg-Kienlen Endowed Professorship in Biomedical Vet Med
Oxley Equine Sports Medicine Professorship Vet Med
Ricks-Rapp Professorship in Musculoskeletal Research Vet Med
Sitlington Chair in Infectious Disease Research Vet Med
The McCasland Chair Vet Med
Walter Sitlington Chair in Food and Fiber Research Vet Med

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