Student Scholarships

Our Goal: $500 Million

Motivated students will go to great lengths to secure a top-notch education. For every inventive risk-taker, every hard-driving self-starter on our campus, there’s a story of sacrifice. In small doses, sacrifice has value. But we need to keep financial burdens low if we mean to prepare graduates for unfettered futures and meet the scholarship giving opportunities needed most as outlined by President Hargis.

With increased undergraduate and graduate scholarship funding, we can help students focus on what they’ll get out of OSU—and what they’ll eventually give back. Students like Nathan Price, Matt Quade and Matt Scovil, scholarship awardees now helping an Oklahoma City corporation plan for growth as it develops prosthetic and bionic appendages. Branding Success means raising an inspiring $500 million in new scholarship funding to fuel hope in the next generation.

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With the announcement of T. Boone Pickens’ generous $100 million gift and scholarship challenge match, we have a tremendous opportunity to triple our impact for student support with the Pickens Legacy Scholarship Match. With a matching deadline of February 26, 2011, our opportunity to leverage this transformative opportunity begins now as we amplify our funding to make an OSU education accessible to all who desire to enter our doors.

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