Campaign People

Calming a Costly Fever
Dr. Anthony Confer's vaccines for bovine disease save the lives of young calves and save money for cattle ranchers.

New Priorities

With Branding Success, Oklahoma State University is accelerating toward breakthroughs critically important to Oklahoma and the world. This billion-dollar campaign will:

  • Secure an unprecedented level of student scholarship support, inviting every able student to dream big, work hard and exceed expectations through life-changing opportunities.
  • More than double the number of endowed professorships and chairs, securing OSU's ability to retain and recruit the world's prized faculty and teachers.
  • Equip students and faculty with advanced facilities essential to community-building and discovery in the 21st century, including an updated, expanded home for the Spears School of Business and an improved, renovated Student Union.
  • Invest in academic excellence with innovative, interdisciplinary programs that make the most of OSU's considerable strengths.