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Women for OSU is a diverse group of visionary women who share a passion for inspiring leadership and financial support to OSU. Women for OSU envisions a culture of giving and service that acknowledges the significant impact women have at OSU and inspires others to positively shape the future of the university through philanthropy and engagement.

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2018 Women for OSU Symposium

2018 Women for OSU Symposium — Fireside Chat with Marg Helgenberger

Marg Helgenberger

Actress Marg Helgenberger appeared as Women for OSU Symposium Keynote Speaker

Actress Marg Helgenberger spoke with Women for OSU as the 10-year anniversary Symposium Keynote Speaker

Marg Helgenberger is a well-known Emmy Award-winning and Golden Globe-nominated television, film and theatre actress. Until 2013, she starred as Catherine Willows on the critically-acclaimed CBS drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation for twelve seasons. She earned two Emmy nominations for her role as a single mother working as a crime scene analyst on the graveyard shift in Las Vegas. Helgenberger’s breakout role as K.C. on the Vietnam drama China Beach won her an Emmy Award in 1990.

On the big screen, Helgenberger was seen starring alongside Kevin Costner in MGM’s psychological thriller, Mr. Brooks, about a man who occasionally falls under the spell of his murderous alter-ego. She also costarred with Julia Roberts in the Universal hit drama, Erin Brockovich, as a woman dying of cancer due to a contaminated water source. She has played roles in various films, including Species, Species II, In Good Company, Fire Down Below, The Last Time I Committed Suicide, My Fellow Americans, Cowboy Way, Bad Boys, Always, and Crooked Hearts.

Despite her active schedule, Helgenberger has been actively involved with numerous charitable organizations over the years. She and her mother, longtime breast cancer survivor Kay Helgenberger Snyder, are particularly committed to supporting the fight against cancer. Helgenberger currently lives in Los Angeles.

View Marg Helgenberger’s full bio here.

At the Symposium, Women for OSU also celebrated members of the OSU family who display leadership in philanthropy by naming the Philanthropist of the Year and awarding scholarships to outstanding OSU students. If you want to learn more about the Women for OSU Symposium, please contact Michal Shaw. You may also learn more about past Women for OSU Symposiums here.

Our Purpose

Women for OSU is a mechanism to channel passions and strengthen women’s connections to the university through their relationship with Women for OSU.

Our goal is to increase the number of female donors to OSU as well as increase their total giving through the Women for OSU Endowed Scholarship, a prestigious award that recognizes academics, philanthropic and volunteer activities among OSU’s students. Funds for this endowment are generated through private donations and sponsorships from events, which allow students to become stronger leaders and educated philanthropists.

Our Strategy

The Spring Symposium and regional events provide a venue for friends and alumnae to connect or reconnect with one another and the university. The organization provides pertinent information about how women impact philanthropy at OSU and beyond, sharing relevant data and inspirational stories of those who are actively changing the university.

Each year at the symposium, we honor women who are making a difference. Scholarship winners are announced and the group recognizes a Philanthropist of the Year — a known leader in philanthropy at the university who is selected among a group of esteemed peers. Attendees have a chance to discuss with each other their motivations to give and where their passions lie at OSU.

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To learn more about giving opportunities within Women for OSU, contact Michal Shaw.