Branding Success: The Campaign for Oklahoma State University continues to impact the institution in so many ways, and during the past year, alumni and friends once again gave generously to support all campuses in the OSU system.

In FY2012, donors committed $157.3 million, surpassing the OSU Foundation's goal of $120 million for the period. This marks eight straight years the goal has been exceeded due to incredible donor generosity. While these are impressive numbers, it is the impact those dollars create that is the most important result.

The Foundation provided a record $13.3 million to OSU from the endowment in FY2012, which is an increase of $4.5 million in the past five years. State funding consistently accounts for a smaller portion of the university's budget, making up only 21.8 percent in FY2012. To help the institution maintain its status as one of the nation's best educational values, it is vital that private support consistently increase.

Additionally, the value of the Foundation's investments rose to $603 million, an increase of $62 million since its pre-economic-collapse level in 2008. We also continued strengthening our in-house investment office during the past year with the addition of an investment analyst, who, along with our director of investments, gives us greater oversight and daily management over the Foundation's portfolio.

The success we're experiencing with the campaign has positioned the university among an elite group of 45 public institutions that are raising or have raised $1 billion or more. Only 22 public universities are currently in $1 billion (plus) campaigns while 23 have completed one. Clearly, the promise to make OSU one of the premier land-grant institutions in the country is resonating with alumni and friends of the university.

As the campaign continues, we will remain focused on the four priorities for support - students, faculty, programs and facilities - and renew our commitment to maintain the trust of our existing supporters and to win the confidence of new donors.


David Kyle
Board Chair

Kirk Jewell
President & CEO

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